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    ShannonEM Guest

    $5000 Credit Limit

    Does anyone know of an unsecured credit card or cards with a maximun credit limit of $5000 or more dollars?

    This may sound silly but I have always been curious about the differences between Visa and Mastercard. I applied and was approved for a visa card and was turned down for a mastercard from the same bank.

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Yigal Guest

    RE: $5000 Credit Limit

    You most likely were turned down because they just gave you a card and thought it odd you wished for another so soon. Give them 6 months at least.

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    RE: $5000 Credit Limit

    I have lots of personal accounts of $5000 and more. Providian, Chase, Citibank, First Union, First USA, First Banckcard, Fleet, MBNA and Associates.
    Exercise your credit.



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