Can a pre-paid Visa debit card be garnished?
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    Can a pre-paid Visa debit card be garnished?

    Does any one know if a pre-paid debit card MC or Visa be garnished or attached by a collection agency or other agency? While I fight a collection agency on a $12,000 debt i wanted to remove the money from my checking account and place it on a pre-paid card. Any suggestions?

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    They can get it but only IF they get a judgment AND they can find it. I personally prefer the card issued by Western Union. $3.95 monthly fee and you can load it at any Western Union office which are everywhere. There is also a $3.95 fee for each load (deposit) but those are the only fees. I've had others that charge much more but WU is my favorite.

    Other than the checking account, are you judgment proof? There is several other things you should know about insulating yourself from judgments. They can be found on this board.

    Good Luck

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    If they got a turnover order, you'd have to hand them the card. Of course it could be empty by that point and you could get another and the dance would start all over again ... but sooner or later a judge would start to sense contempt from you and the game would be up.

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    I am late in replying to this post. The best method would be a Mastercard/Visa giftcard. Those to my knowledge can not be garnished. The reason, once you buy it. You can use it or you can give to someone else. You can get them at Wal-mart, Simon mall, CVS and other places. Note some can and some can not be used online. The Simon mall visa gift card can be used online if it is registered online at their website.


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