Denied AAdvantage with 747 FICO?!?!
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    Ok, now I am THOROUGHLY stumped! I checked my Equifax FICO score last week. It was 747. That same day, I applied for a Juniper card and Citi Platinum Select. DENIED BOTH. :( Called to find out why and was given a generic reason..."limited credit". Ok, oh well, guess I need to add a couple more lines of credit than my current 2. The 747 Fico didn't seem to matter at all with Citi, since they have their own scoring system.

    So, I figure maybe I should aim lower. A lot of you guys seemed to be having good luck with the silver Citi AAdvantage, so it seemed like a good one to try to get. I had seen some people saying they'd gotten approved for it with MUCH lower scores than 747, so it seemed like a good gamble.



    So, now I am just plain blank as to what the problem is. I can understand getting denied the Platinum, but why on Earth wouldn't they approve me for the plain Citi AAdvantage? They pulled Equifax, and my Equifax report is IMMACULATE. Not one single negative. I've got a 13 mth. old Cap 1 card and an Orchard Card. Both with excellent payment histories. Current balance to limit ratio is just 7%. $0 bal on the Cap 1 and a small balance on the Orchard. Income is 56K so that shouldn't have stopped me from getting the card. I'm lost on this one. Citi just confuses me. lol

    I went to Dell and applied for a line of credit, since I seem to need to buff up my report. They pulled Experian. My Experian report is identical to my Equifax. I was instantly approved for a $5000 loan, lowest interest rate, 90 days same as cash deal. I figure, ok, that'll look good on my credit report as I pay it off. THEN TO MY HORROR I find out that Dell doesn't report to the credit bureaus. So, I screwed that plan up.

    I sent Citi a letter via PlanetFeedback to try to get them to change their mind. I mean, I'm just trying to get my foot in the door with them. I don't get why I wouldn't AT THE VERY LEAST qualify for the AAdvantage card with some small limit. Citi's criteria are baffling to me.

    Does anyone have ANY idea what I might be doing wrong, or is this just a lost cause with them?Maybe George's dark cloud tracked me down. ;)

    Thanks for any insight,

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    Re: Denied AAdvantage with 747 FICO?!?!

    thats odd
    my gf had a cap 1 secured for like 7 months and a macy's for 6 months, and got citi AA instant approval

    btw, just because you are denied instantly, you can still get the card :) Call up the approval department ask why

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    Re: Denied AAdvantage with 747 FICO?!?!

    I know for a fact that Juniper requires 3 current active OPEN lines of credit on your profile which are in good standing (no lates or other derogatories). If you only have two, try to add one for 3 to 6 months and then try again. Citibank may have the same requirement.

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    Re: Denied AAdvantage with 747 FICO?!?!

    So sorry Rain. Citi is crazy, IMHO.


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    Re: Denied AAdvantage with 747 FICO?!?!

    Did you get the denials in writing?

    What, exactly, do they say?

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    Re: Denied AAdvantage with 747 FICO?!?!

    Perhaps you and George would like compare notes. Great Scores and Denials :(
    Mike G.
    Equ - 691
    TU - 664
    Exp - 664

    Tell me and I'll forget
    Show me and I'll remember
    Involve me and I'll understand
    (Being able to Manipulate Knowledge is Power!)

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    Re: Denied AAdvantage with 747 FICO?!?!

    Dell is reporting my two accounts on Experian.

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    Re: Denied AAdvantage with 747 FICO?!?!

    Try Chase Classic. They approved me with only one account on my Report (Cap One Secure
    11 months). They pulled TransUnion

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    Re: Denied AAdvantage with 747 FICO?!?!


    It must be length of credit history. You should try again at the 2 year mark on your Cap.1.

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    Re: Denied AAdvantage with 747 FICO?!?!

    I just received a denial for the AAdvantage MC also. My score on Equifax is 614. They checked my Experian report.

    I have 4 bank revolving lines (one card is too new, hasn't started reporting yet) and 1 car loan. Oldest account opened 11/00. I also am close to my limits on 3 of the cards.


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