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    Noel Guest

    the easiest high limit cards

    Which higher limit cards are the easiest to get? Which cards are the most generous with increases? Is it true that having an AMEX card makes it easier to get other cards? If so, should I try for it first? If I'm not sure whether I'll qualify for platinum cards should I apply anyway? (hoping that if I fail to qualify I still might be considered for another card) Also, is it true that the higher the limits on my existing cards are the higher the limit I'll get on new cards. If so, I guess it would be better to shoot for the highest limits first? Thanks for your help.

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    Michael Guest

    RE: the easiest high limit car

    Discover Card is a great card to leap into the high limits. However they are selective, and you need near perfect credit.

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    RE: the easiest high limit car

    Don't expect "automatic" increases every year with Discovercard like everybody else, even if you spend $30,000+ every year!!!

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    Noel Guest

    RE: the easiest high limit car

    Thanks for the replies. I know there are some others. Everyone please contribute.

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    RE: the easiest high limit car

    I have 4 personal Chase accounts, the highest limit $14,000. MBNA its up to $13,000+. Amex is the most generous, but that is a corporate line.

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    R Guest

    RE: the easiest high limit car

    My parents have a Bank One Platinum (since '95) that has a max limit of $12,500, and a First USA platinum (since '75) with a limit of 25,000. Just watch them....they like to try and sneak in interest rate hikes. My parents both have excellent credit, always pay on time, and never pay the minimum, and First USA tried one month to jack their interest rate from 14.9 fixed to about a 19.8 variable! (My dad informed them where they could stick their cards if they didn't bring his interest back down) Too bad all people don't check their bills so closely......


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