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    How many times can they call in one day?

    How many times can a creditor call you in one day, and it be considered harrasment or etc.... I've heard twice( without getting you) How about at least 10- 12 times a day?

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    10-12 calls a day seems way out of line.You should have a cell phone instead of a home phone.With a cell phone they only call and bother you not everyone else in your family.Then you can simply hit the ignore button.They can't even leave a message.Thank god for caller ID.More and more people are doing away with their land line phones.Ca's hate calling cell phone numbers.So do telemarketing people.

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    My mother in law, who is a senior collector for BMW Financial Services says you can only make contact once per day. They can call as many times as they want but if they leave a message that is their 1 contact for the day and they shouldn't be calling after that.

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    I wish all companies knew that... I had one company calling for DH at least 15 times daily. It didn't matter if I took a message, they left a message, or even if he talked to them.. they still called. They don't do that anymore though. Maybe they got the memo.

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