How soon do inquiries show up?
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    I have an application pending and I have been checking my reports today looking for an inquiry from the creditor to show up. So far, there hasn't been anything.

    I just wanted to get an idea from everyone on how long it takes for inquiries to show up on a credit report. I thought that they showed up as soon as the credit was run, but that may not be the case.


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    Re: How soon do inquiries show up?

    mine have always showed up with in 24hrs. EQ is the slowest to update for me.
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    Re: How soon do inquiries show up?

    I have had Exp and Equifax both show up within 5 minutes. TU I can't tell you.

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    Re: How soon do inquiries show up?

    All of mine has always showed up IMMEDIATELY. TU after I applied on-line pulled TU 5 mins later and the inq was there Exp same thing, Efx, had a report pulled at 10 am when I was able to pull my report at 2 pm the inq was there.

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    Re: How soon do inquiries show up?

    I have inquiries show up a few minutes right after I applyed to 2 days after...

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    It would be great to know EXACTLY how long it takes for inquiries to show up - I mean with a precision in the range of seconds. Showing up after 10 seconds is not the same as 1 second... What I'm trying to figure out here is whether a perfectly timed application galore could benefit from such a delay (if there is one). You know, filling out a bunch of apps, double-checking everything, then clicking on the final submit button at the very same time. Yes, with the help of friends and their computers ;)


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