Providian Master Card
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    Dean Guest

    Providian Master Card

    I rec'd Providian Master Card Offer (unsecured and pre-approved) with a credit line of $1000. I already have one Providian visa gold with $3250 limit. The offer clearly indicates that this offer is only for their customers who already have one accound with good standing. No processing fees for this Master card, but there is $59 annual fees plus $23.99 APR. I have 19.8 APR on my gold.

    Any of your rec'd this offer recently (few days back)?

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    LadyCarr Guest

    RE: Providian Master Card

    I have rec'd 2 within the last month. I can't get the Mastercard because I just got the Visa Gold last month, plus I've had the classic for 2 years. There policy is 2 accts max.

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    Rich Guy Guest

    RE: Providian Master Card

    I received an identical offer in June.

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    Carrot Guest

    RE: Providian Master Card

    I also received this offer, but I declined it because I have 16.9% on my Visa Classic and I'm tired of not having a grace period. I got a Capital One card in June with a $200 limit (increased to $700 this month), and it has a grace period. I think I will be using that card and closing my Providian account.


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