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    I can not find the "fine print" on this...7 times=1,000 miles BUT does that mean you have to do 7 DIFFERENT RESTAURANTS...or any on IDINE before 04/30/2003???

    The reason I ask is because I have a CHINESE RESTAURANT on my list, no FRIDAY, UNLIMITED VISITS up to $600/month...so I could get the 6 more I need there...ON 6 DIFFERENT DAYS.

    7 times
    1,000 Bonus Miles

    5 times
    500 Bonus Miles

    3 times
    250 Bonus Miles

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    Re: United/idine

    Originally posted by Ghazi
    Here it is: http://mpdining.idine.com/site/membe...?content=BONUS
    Does not answer the question...(if it has to be "DIFFERENT" restaurants) but thanks anyway...
    I guess I'll E-MAIL UNITED MP or IDINE or call the 800#


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