when does 7 years really begin?
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    I have a question concerning when the following item can be remove from my credit report:

    revolving account opened on 3/94 and was charged off on 3/00 (I faulted on the account the first month of opening during my "stupid" college years.)

    Does the time period start at 3/94 or 3/00, I have never had contact with these people. Am I better off just paying them off or can I have it removed due to the time period, if I pay them, does the seven years start at the time of payment? I thought that there would be a record of faulting on the account before 3/00, is the creditor playing games to extend the time period?

    What is my best approach to this problem?

    if you can help me, please let me know.



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    Re: when does 7 years really begin?

    It begins from the date of first delinquency that led to the charge-off. In other words, the first missed payment which was never again "caught-up" before the account charged-off. the charge-off date is used if the account was charged-off before 1998-- before the new laws were enacted. Make since?

    TU "hides" this date from the consumer-- for whatever reason, they don't want us to know when the tradelines are due to expire. You have to call, and sometimes they will tell you the date. Experian reports, on the otherhand, give you the actual date a tradeline is due to expire- very handy. Equifax uses the date of last activity to calculate the date.
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    Re: when does 7 years really begin?


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