The following letter was posted by forum member Jon223 and was successful in helping him remove a medical collection from his credit reports:

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Late Payment Regarding Account # 12345678

To Whom It May concern,

I recently discovered that I had the above referenced item in collections with yourselves. I discovered this much to my dismay when I saw that my credit score had dropped substantially. Upon seeing my credit score had dropped, I immediately obtained a copy of my free credit report and I saw the charge was for a collection you had put on my credit report reference an open invoice I had from XXXXXXX Emergency Medical Services. I then contacted yourselves immediately and paid the outstanding amount in full.

I do not dispute the charge, it stems from a medical transport I received some years ago which was not covered by my health insurance policy. I obtained a plan from the medical provider to pay the sum off, I paid the majority of the funds. I then had questions about the remainder. This stemmed from my using an auto pay from my bank account and also paying some of the balance with my credit card so it was hard to track exactly what I had paid.

I could not get hold of the person I had been dealing with and who had authorized the plan (James - 123-456-7890). After multiple attempts to contact James, I slowly forgot about the account and was never contacted by James again.

I do not dispute that I owed the funds. I would like to appeal to your good nature and ask you to remove this item from my credit report. When I saw that it was outstanding I immediately resolved the issue. I pride myself on having good credit and in 10 years I have never missed a payment.

If there is anything you could do to assist me in this matter, I would greatly appreciate it.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully,