11 year old debt?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ann, Jun 16, 2000.

  1. Ann

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    I have a collection company after me for a credit card "debt" that I never had. I cut up my Amoco credit card in 1989, paid off the bill and that, I thought was that. Now some collection agency wants over $700.00 from me.
    The bank I had is now closed so I can't even order up a copy of the last check I wrote to Amoco from 1989. How do you go about finding where your old bank checks go when a bank closes their doors?
    I've also since married & this collection agency doesn't seem to know this. If this was a legitimate agency, collecting a real debt, wouldn't they know this from my SS#? Why did they wait 11 years to find me? Ann
  2. J. Edgar

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    This debt is certainly uncollectable. I would think that 11 years is past the statue of limitations in every state. It can not be legitimately reported to the CRAs, either although I would suspect they will try that and use a date of last activity of when the collection agency took over the alleged debt.

    You should check your credit report and make sure that it doesn't show up on it. Even though you don't own the money, it's easier to dispute it on the basis of "date of last activity" than "I don't owe it", if they should put it on there.

    I would suggest writing the collection agency a letter pointing out that the debt is legally uncollectable and that if they attempt to re-age the debt (make it look current) and report it to the CRAs that you will take legal action against them for knowingly, purposefully and willfully reporting false information to a CRA. Not only would they be a violation of the FCRA, but also a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as well.

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