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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Harry G, Jun 8, 2000.

  1. Harry G

    Harry G Guest

    I just applied for three credit cards in less than five minutes and was approved by all three. If you want to reduce your credit balances with a low interest credit card check out 123creditcard.com. Great service!!!
  2. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: Go away spammer

    Harry, your full of it!

    You come on here posting your spam advertising 4 cards, 3 of which are the most DIFFICULT cards to obtain on the market.

    NextCard - Advertisements for this card are everywhere on every site including this one, rarely is it ever mentioned that requirements are NO NEGATIVES whatsoever.

    American Express Gold Card - Only the hardest gold card to obtain on the market!

    E.Card Platinum - Not only is a perfect credit history a must but sufficient length of credit lines and excellent credit to debt ratio.

    If you had spent the least time checking out this site you would have realized that most of the participants have damaged credit and don't have a prayer in hell of getting accepted for these cards but then you could care less for them or their receiving yet another negative inquiry on their credit reports and subsequent decline in their credit score for all you care about is the commission you receive for each application.

    Finally we come to

    Sterling Visa/MC Secured Card

    Why just two short posts previous to yours the header is for that very same card, did you so much as bother to respond in this thread or even have the slightest loyalty to your brand to even to extol or even defend the product when somebody else advised a competing product.


    Take your 123creditcard.com and your spamming the hell out of here.
  3. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    RE: Go away spammer

    Yeah, what he said, and you forgot to take the little slotted key to open the can along with you too.
  4. Grifter

    Grifter Guest

    RE: Go away spammer ???


    I thought the purpose of this message board was to provide useful credit card information for all users. I'm someone who has very good credit & appreciate being notified of new & different offers out on the market. Please don't discourage those us who have good credit from being informed consumers. I didn't think the purpose of this board was designed ONLY for those with credit problems. Remember, information is the key; we can all learn from each other.
  5. Grifter

    Grifter Guest

    RE: Go away spammer...one more

    One other note: Have you noticed the credit card advertisements on this board that obviously helps keep this forum up for us to use?
  6. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: To spam or not to spam

    You are correct in that this board is made up of more than those who have bad credit (with myself being one of them) and I agree that those with "legitimate" offers should be encouraged to share their information.

    Unfortunately, Harry G's offer offers no new or even pertinent information and is anything but legitimate thus making it nothing more than a spam message.

    Here's why;

    He starts off with a common sales line "right out of the affliates book" that I've seen posted here and elsewhere time and time again.

    Lets examine it closer "I just applied for three credit cards in less than five minutes and was approved by all three."

    With the exception of Creditworks, no credit counselor or informed credit person would ever advise an individual to apply for multiple cards (multiple inquiries being detrimental to your credit score besides the creditors seeing this as an individual desperate for credit sending panic signals and rejections).

    Regardless of the makeup of this board I don't appreciate anybody who is shilling cards not giving out the 'true' qualifications.

    To begin with the NextCard, everybody advertises it but you'd be hardpressed to find anybody stating the qualifications, this caused quite a ruckus on the old board and thereafter here and almost exclusively here alone you saw those pushing it finally be open about its requirements.

    Now, as I mentioned earlier I have no bad credit but its somewhat doubtful whether I would qualify for the E.Card Platinum and especially the AMEX Gold Card.

    Is it so difficult to place a clearly legible or better yet bolded line below a card offering stating along the lines "If you don't have virtually perfect credit history and/or various length of tradelines then don't bother applying"

    A public service yes, common courtesy yes, truth in advertising certainly, will it happen "no way in hell" for all these spammers care about is their commission for each application, they could care less if the majority of applicants get denied, hell even if its every last one of them as long as they get their commission.

    Now if this were a "real offer" it would surely go something like this

    "Sick of your current card(s) with their high interest, meagre benefits and bad service than I have the card(s) for you. Save hundreds even thousands of dollars of interest yearly, enjoy free trips and huge savings on all your internet purchases. Isn't it about time you are rewarded for your good credit? Then click on this link and within 30 seconds you too can enjoy the benefits and prestige that we can offer you at XXXXXXX.com"

    Actually, no better demonstration of this true "spammer" intentions was his total disregard for a thread, almost directly below his, concerning one of the very cards he was offering (The Sterling Visa/MC Secured Card) here was an individual looking for information/opinions does he get it from Harry G nooooooooooooooooo, who doesn't even so much as defend the cards' virtues when this potential client is advised to go elsewhere.

    I have no doubt that upon posting his message here he immediately departed to post it everywhere else he could with while caring less about the thoughts and wants of the board he was passing through.

    I've witnessed this type of callousness far too often and I deem it totally unacceptable behaviour, thus will not let that go without commenting on it.

    And yes I am very aware of the companies in question on the banner ads, though I have no difficulty ignoring them. I far prefer these than the incredible number of spamming that went on on the old board.

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