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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bgolden, Jul 18, 2000.

  1. bgolden

    bgolden Guest

    Does anyone have an account with this bank?
    They offer a regular visa and a mastercard and also the Future card. I know about the fees, unfortunetly I have pretty bad credit, so I'm more a begger than a chooser right now. I wanted to know if they post their payments promptly or are they one of those who like to hold checks. How long did it take to get your card(s).
    Do they report to all three bureaus.
    Please let me know how your experiences have been with 1st Premiere. Anyone have more than 1 card with them.I have read a few, but I would like some more comments. thanks
  2. leamen

    leamen Guest

    I have had the Future card for about 6 months now and they NEVER post payments late. My payments are always posted 3 days after I mail them. Imagine that! Also, they are the only company that hasn't tried to sell me anything or cram my bill with unauthorized charges. The fees are a bit hefty, but the customer service is friendly and they seem to have some intelligence.
    I haven't requested a line increase yet, so I am not sure where they stand on that issue.
    They also report to all 3 CRA's.

    I think it took about 2 weeks to get the card.

    In my opinion, they are one of the "better" companies to do business with.(If there is such an animal in the sub-prime world of lending).

    Good luck and happy hunting!

    God Bless,
  3. MichaelOH

    MichaelOH Guest

    I have the Future Card also. The fees are absurd, in fact i cannot remember now why I took this card. But I have had it for over 6 mos. and have had not a single hassle. The card has a $600 limit, no increase yet. They verified my employment and income with my boss, and since I work for myself my boss was only too happy to verify by telephone what I had previously offered on the application. Too easy!

    These sub cards may suck in the real world, but for many of us who are clawing our way back into the real world they are a useful tool. I started with a secured FCNB in April of 99, they just unsecured it and raised the credit limit. In August of 99 I took a Providian unsecured with a $500 limit, it now has an $1800 limit and a little brother with a $1000 limit to play with. All I have done is make the payment as soon as I get the statement, and nearly always payed the balance in full. I have been getting prime offers for a business card, but I don't think my score is high enough yet, can't wait till it is.
  4. SJ

    SJ Guest

    They do ALWAYS post payments as soon as they get them, but.... It will be like pulling teeth to get an increase. I have had the card for 1 year, and the increase they gave me is miniscule... I will only have the card for 6 more months. By the way, I pay in full every month, that may be the reason they gave such a small increase.
  5. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    Interesting, so they do an income check but don't demand payslips (strange Premiere bank always insists on that in their application though one person did say he received one in spite of not sending it or his utility bill).

    In any case, I'm in a similar boat 'self-employed' but like you I'm sure not crazy enough to admit it on an application, as the credit industry has conclusively demonstrated a bias against such individuals, construing self-employment=unemployment and in turn ask for a ridiculous amount of substantiating documentation and then proceed to grant the lowest limits.
  6. yonesay

    yonesay Guest

    I got my card in about 3 weeks, B.U.T. you cannot use the card until you have made 2-3 payments first then you are able to purchase stuff. And if you don't keep track of it they will bill the HELL out of you, they are currently trying to get me to pay them $2500.00 and I have never been able use the card. Run while you can
  7. MichaelOH

    MichaelOH Guest

    As I recall, they were willing to settle for a statement from my boss attesting to my income. He was glad to oblige. He is real cool like that.

    They do, of course, make a phone call to ensure that you do, in fact, have the alleged boss. I had a cell phone which I let my boss use.
  8. MichaelOH

    MichaelOH Guest

    I hate to defend this card because I don't think it is much of a deal, even as sub goes. But I was able to use my card the instant I received it. I wonder whether your credit limit was eaten up by the ridiculous fees, and this is why you had to make some payments on it before you were able to use it. As for your advice to run from this card, I cannot really disagree. I think at the time I took the thing I was simply calculating the cost of establishing another positive trade line and figured the cost was marginally acceptable. I recommend FCNB and Providian, but the 1st Premiere is just another of the many high fee cards that are offered to the credit delinquent, nothing exceptional. Though, one must always keep in mind CCB and count one's blessings. Yeah, I love my 1st Premiere Card now that I think about it.
  9. michael

    michael Guest

    Look theres a saying you get what you pay for. And it is very true when it comes to credit cards.

    Let's admit it this card is easy to qualify for, and a hell of a better deal than Net 1st.

    As for yonesay your full of Sh-t! How do you get a secured card with an annual fee of $80.00 (or what ever) up to $2,500.00 with out using it?
  10. MikeyP

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    I have to agree... that sounds strange. How do you get that high of a balance with the First Premier Card?

    I actually have two of the First Premier Cards... the Future Card and the Standard Visa. Both had rediculous fees, but I, like Michael, weighed the cost and the benefit of another good line of credit... and the benefit won. The customer service with this bank is great, and I have had no troubles. If you are trying to establish another line, I would defintely recommend them.

    Good Luck!

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