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  1. Bill

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    Appied for 1st PREMIER Bank mastercard on line(unsecure),just got a letter from them saying that they have got a reservation # for me and all I have to do is fill out form or app. again and send with pay stud an utility bill and I will recieve a m/c with a miminum credit of 250.00 up to 1000.00,with a acceptance fee of:119.00plus processing fee of 19.00(which I am to send in w/app) ,annual fee:50.00 and monthly maintence fee:6.00. Does this sound familiar? They have already pulled my credit report once,will they pull it again with this second app.? Is this a come-on or for real? Would appreciate if someone could give me some light on this because I don't want another inquiary on credit report if not legit.If I recieve the miminum credit limit of 250.00,I would not have much of a balance,will I? What's normal with this bank? Thanks for any information on this matter!
  2. roni

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    $350 normal limit. This was my first unsecured card in rebuilding. I took it out of desperation. The fees you put into applying could be put towards a secured card at a decent bank. They also charge $6/mo toward the large $72 annual fee. It doesnot get better with them. I got the card in March. I received a letter last week saying that they will increase my $350 limit by $200 for a $50-$100 fee or something like that. I threw it away. This card is the first one I will let go at the one year point.
  3. roni

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    Yes, I did the utility bill and paystub thing also. No second credit check
  4. Michael

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    Frankly I would recomend their secured card over the unsecured.

    Fee's are a lot lower!

    Be prepared for a possible hastle in them receiving your supporting Docs. Fax doesn't work half the time, and when it does they only read half the info on the letters you send them.

    Employment letters that also verify addresses they forget to confirm they got the address verification, so when you call they tell you they are only waiting on the adrress verification.

    Some of my clients have waited 3 months with 4-5 re faxes for a card!
  5. Saar

    Saar Banned

    No one's credit situation is bad enough to justify an application for this card.

    Premier's fees make the Aria Persona/ secured Providian look like competitive bargains.

  6. KITT

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    Forget about this card. With all the fees you are better off with a secured card from Cap One or Providian or Sterling Bank. At least the deposit is still yours and you are not throwing these money away. Anyway, if they don't like your credit, even after the "reservation" letter, they will send you a counteroffer, which of course is a secured card (but with very high fees). It happened to me some tine ago! And they pulled my report twice!!!!

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