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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeG, Aug 16, 2001.

  1. MikeG

    MikeG Well-Known Member

    Hello again,

    I recently was approved for the citi AA card. I took Saar's advice and applied for a second and recieved the dreaded processing message. I called last night and was told I was declined for not having any banking accounts. I said I have all of those. So the rep had the application placed for reconsideration. I called today to find out that they were unable to verify my employment. My school is just being finished and phone lines were only activated today.

    Funny thing about this is they verified my employment for the first card, but wanted me to fax my phone bill. So now I have to wait until tomorrow to have a rep call my school to verify employment. Oh well, two citi cards baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That puts me at 3 cards with 3K limits. For a person who could not even get a Target, an unsecured 1st premier, or unsecured Orchard bank card this time last year, this is a good sign.

    Mike G.

    just in case you didnt read, my score went up 29 points today when Cap updated my balance to 0.
  2. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

    They asked for employment verification from hubby which I sent 2 weeks ag0(first card) and we haven't heard anything :-( And I know they haven't called his employer because I work at the same place and I am the one who answers the phone...must have been denied I guess....
  3. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    wierd. Did you apply saying you had a card already?

    I always do that, and never been asked for any ID.

    btw, fax the information to them. Its quicker, and yes they do accept fax'd documents of proof.
  4. MikeG

    MikeG Well-Known Member

    Yes Larissa I agree with Sam. Fax the information over to them and you'll get an instant decision. When I faxed over my phone bill, I received an instant approval. They also implied that I would be approved instantly for the second card when they call for employment verification. I didnt have to mail anything, they are going to call.

    I asked what I could fax and they said anything with the company name and my name on it.

    Mike G.
  5. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

    Hmm...he applied with an invitation that they sent him...then they sent him a letter saying blah blah...we are looking forward to serving you, but require verification of employment...so we sent them copies of our paystubs along with the employers phone number...I suppose that I would need the letter that they sent him(they told him to include a copy of that with the verification) and then fax it and paystubs again? Does anyone know the fax #?

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