2nd Citi card declined after approv

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeG, Aug 19, 2001.

  1. MikeG

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    Hello All,

    I applied for a second card with citi. I was told that it would be approved after employment verification. When I call the next day, I was told I was declined due to high credit balances. I explained to her that my balance was zero. She then got an attitude and made up some over stories and asked if I would call back. I call back the next day and was told I was declined because of my 2 former cards with citi that were charged off. The rep specifically told me all people who have been charged off are automatically declined. So I asked how is it I was approved for the first card. She became quiet and said she does not see any approval for a card.

    So I am calling tomorrow and asking to speak directly with a supervisor.

    Mike G.
  2. Kelly

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    how long have u had the first card? do you have 2 former charge offs? if so, are they closing your first account because of the charge offs?

    It's been reported here many times that former citi charge offs = denial - but if settled in full - will reconsider after some time period (forget how long).

    Sounds like the first time u called the rep didn't have a clue and just shot from the hip. then, when called on it - just passed the buck. Am i reading this correctly?

    good luck!
  3. Saar

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    Re: 2nd Citi card declined after ap

    Sorry about that, Mike.

    Yes, not all reps there are very cooperative. For example, if they need any paper verification, they'd tell you they sent everything in the mail. Some reps would then go on to say they can't tell what the needed documents are, and you'll have to wait for the mail to arrive. That's BS of course. But in most cases calling again gets you a nicer rep.

    Do not be afraid to escalate it to a supervisor within Credit Services - that's what they're paid to do. Also, be sure to get the reference #'s for both applications. Or you could send a fax directly to their underwriters' department; You see, there's one department making the decisions and another that takes your calls.

    I believe what happened was, the second application was routed to a manual review (being a Gold card), which sometimes employs stricter standards. The 2 reps were probably clueless so they've made something up. Don't give up until someone who knows what he's talking about, takes your call.

  4. Marie

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    Re: 2nd Citi card declined after ap

    try the Citi USA. Supposedly the Citibank blacklist doesn't extend to the USA cards (their affinity cards)
    like HHonor card.
  5. MikeG

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    Re: 2nd Citi card declined after ap

    Thanks for the advice. I applied to two cards immediately with the first card being approved. It was when I called to check the status of the second that it all began to go downhill. My 2 charge-offs with Citi are over 7 years old and are both paid off.

    Mike G.

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