3 Deletes from TU! Waahoo!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nosnip, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. nosnip

    nosnip Well-Known Member

    I heard back from TU and they deleted all three items I disputed.

    2 old collections with balances gone from my report!
    1 CC that was late all the time that I was just an authorized user on, not the person making the payments.

    The only thing left on my report with TU that they say may be adverse is my closed and cancelled sears account that shows some really late payments.

    I would like to try to get that removed, but I am not sure how. Other than I can find no DOLA unless that is the date closed (I think so) which makes me wait forever to fall off.

    Ah well, at least 3 others are gone.
  2. thickman66

    thickman66 Well-Known Member

    kool beans!!
  3. motiv8ed

    motiv8ed Active Member

    WOOOHOOOO! Congrats.

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