+31 pnts in a few weeks?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jon, Jan 25, 2001.

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    RE: no its not a joke

    roni wrote:
    YOU can expect your score to drop by adding the inquiries by applying for more credit. Was that a good enough answer?


    "was that a good enough answer?" All I wanted was an answer but instead the first post was rude. The question had nothing to do with inquiries or a score being lowered , so was it a good enough answer?

    Anyway I din't ask for good enough answers. All I asked for were some answers. I had received some and appreciate them.

    I'm done posting here because the first response I got was rude and I get this response which in addition to being rude, implies that I wasn't happy with the appropriate messages I received. You may not think the reponse that others posted were good enough but I do. So thanks for the helful posts.

    This is a real nice, friendly and helpful forum you have here. I'm sure there will be some more rude message posted at me as well as some response that have noting to do with my question like this one. Of course the response would have been appreciated as well if it weren't for the sarcasm.

    One last thing... The post about the pot calling the kettle black was obviously not posted by a Jon it was posted by a Jo. Notice the missing n. I just hope nobody posts as John or Joanne or Joe or I'll be in real trouble.

    Jon J-O-N
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    I got mine from qspace.com although from what others have posted it probably isn't too accurate.


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