$400 limit GoldCard..Capital O

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by William Ai, Apr 6, 2000.

  1. William Ai

    William Ai Guest

    I person I know just received a Capital One Gold card with a $400 limit. This just lowers the bar way too much. I think it is pathetic of Capital One to try these cheesy tactics to attract customers.

  2. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: $400 limit GoldCard..Capit

    Face it ever since Visa/MC dropped their miniumum (usually $5000) requirements for Gold Cards they haven't been worth squat.

    Though its not surprising that companies are trying to capitalize on the past reputation these cards held. Look no further than scam companies such as CREDICORP that push a "gold card" with a supposed 10k limit, the majority of persons who are not aware of the past years' changes still perceive gold cards in high esteem.

    As for Capital One's version, I've heard mention here of people receiving one for as low as $250!!! which in anybody's mind is nothing more than a glorified sub-prime level card.

    Gold Cards are toast!
  3. John Debto

    John Debto Guest

    RE: $400 limit GoldCard..Capit

    I guess the Gold means your a slightly better customer? It does offer car rental collision insurance and some other benefits.
  4. Len

    Len Guest

    RE: $400 limit GoldCard..Capit

    That was yours truly who was offered a $250 limit Gold Card, and that's after having a secured card with Cap One for four years. Capital One is honest, but they are cheap with credit limits and increases. That Gold Card was particularly laughable.
  5. Shania

    Shania Guest

    RE: $400 limit GoldCard..Capit

    I think that Capitol One wants you to believe that you have become mister somebody with a gold card. You know show it off to your friends..." Hey guys look at me I got a Gold Card!!" Shoot you might as well spray paint one of your lower cards with gold paint. If this is what they do for Gold I hate to think about platinum...could be as high as a whopping $600 limit. Oh my heart's all a flutter.
  6. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    RE: $400 limit GoldCard..Capit

    I just recieved a cap one gold card offer which I took advantage of.. although the limit is only 600.00, I have been paying on time and never been late with a payment and usually pay off the whold balance. I also do not have a secured card so I am glad the offered me this card so now I feel like somebody. haha.. take care friends, Email me with any questions... thanks Mike
  7. Eric

    Eric Guest

    RE: $400 limit GoldCard..Capit

    I think I can take the cake on this one. They sent me a gold card with a $200 limit. There is no rhyme or reason for this. My credit is perfect, just a high credit/limit ratio.

    After I finished laughing, I called them and told them to cancel the account. They immediately upped it to $500. Since I am slowly closing out my "credit rebuilding" accounts, I thought I should keep this one and let it grow as I close the other ones.
  8. I can top

    I can top Guest

    RE: $400 limit GoldCard..Capit

    I have and have had perfect credit for the last 18 years (one gold card and amex). I applied for capitol one platinum card, was approved. Received the card with a whopping $500.00 credit limit. After I finished laughing, I called and had the card cancelled...I took this as an insult.
  9. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: Capitol One is turning int

    In your position I would've been majorily insulted and probably would've responded in a letter like so:

    "Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am? Having held a PERFECT credit history for the past 18 years with Amex and XXX gold card and you offer, no insult me like this?! A Platinum with a $500 limit. What is this a sick, perverted joke? According to your own disclosures;

    a Capital One Visa Platinum the lines of credit offered with the Visa Platinum account range from **$5,000 to $20,000**.

    Yet I'm offered a limit that is no better than a bad credit "sub-prime" level. Why even your basic classic card lowest rate is but the same $500.

    Its enough that you've turned your "gold cards" into the joke of the industry and now you seem determined to do the same with the Platinum, making your company no better than the scam catalog companies with their "Platinum offers", well at least the limit they offer is substantially higher.

    I have no wish to be associated with a company such as yourself, therefore I demand to be taken off and excluded in the future from any more of your disreputable offers for perpetuity."

    I can top yours, I can laugh at many things but this is a disgrace and obviously so is Capital One if they keep this up.
  10. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: Capital One is turning int

    Yet they insult everybody's intelligence by advertising their gold cards on their site "Go first class go gold" ahahahahaha Credit limit up to an ASTRONOMICAL $2000" but not less than 2 bucks!! (my words)

    As it stands their Visa Classic card has a minimum limit of $500.

    It has been my observation that if you had started with their sub-prime secured card they would never take you seriously and offer you bumpkus from then on. So I had come to the conclusion that one would be better off obtaining another company's secured card and when their credit had improved enough to be able to obtain "prime" cards, then and ONLY then to apply to Capital One.

    But with there current behaviour, especially towards "I can top yours" with that impossibly disgraceful $500 Platinum offer, I no longer see Capital One as a bank worthwhile to deal with, at least as far as credit cards are concerned.

    Perhaps if their is a Capital One CSR lurking around they can respond and try to explain their companies' turn to the ridiculous.
  11. Len

    Len Guest

    RE: Capital One is turning int

    Steven Z, That's a good point about Capital One never taking someone seriously if they started with them as a secured card holder. In July, I will have had a Capital One secured Visa for 5 years. They always refuse to unsecure it and I request this once a year. They have sent me a Visa & MC with $200 limits, raising the limit on the MC $100 after 2 years. Am I a loser forever to them? Anyone had a secured Capital One card actually unsecured?
  12. luckystar

    luckystar Guest

    RE: Capital One is turning int

    My husband two months ago got a secured cap one card and just the other day received an offer of guaranteed approval for the "GOLD" card. I'm sure the limit will be low, but he still has a secured visa with a measley $200 limit.. poor guy. Well, I accepted this offer on his behalf, he needs to build HIS credit. But now I'm wondering just how desperate are they that they would offer a GC to a 2 mos. secured card holder? Weird!!!

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