520 credit score is there help?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by far gone, Aug 14, 2001.

  1. far gone

    far gone Well-Known Member

    I have the worst credit in the world...I do not have much credit but what little I have is terrible..I was an identity fraud victim...but once the damage was done I have not been able to pull up my scores...I got most of her stuff of and that raised me from a 411 to a 500 but now I have all of her enquiories...(i know that is not spelled right) and I cant get them off equifax said there is nothing they can do about that...I am in the process of disputing cross country only because the collections are in two diff places and no one knows who should have the collection...I have collections that have been paid still showing and my good trade of a car that I paid off has fallen off.....I am in desperate need of a credit card and do not want to deal with the deposit thing..is there any help for me..also I want to buy a house but I was told I could not get a loaf of bread on credit...

    any suggestions?
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Well-Known Member

    Who told you that? The mortgage lender? I think you sue on the grounds of defamation. Right?

    And don't worry my credit is worse than yours. My TU score is a 504.
  3. far gone

    far gone Well-Known Member

    yes that is what the mtg lender said...that really hurt...I do not know what to do....I am really upset and want help but I cannot see paying 500 for something I know I can do...(get the bad crdt off) but I know people worse off than myself and they have bought homes...what am I doing wrong?
  4. kbelle72

    kbelle72 Well-Known Member

    Have you already disputed with Equifax re the inquiries? If not, find a letter somewhere on this board. If you have disputed, what kind of verification did they show you that you agreed to those hard inquires. You can always sue if they don't provide you proof under the FCRA.

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