678 today, 508 a year ago!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by NJones, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. NJones

    NJones Well-Known Member

    Just checked my Experian myFICO (using the 9.99 discount code, thanks to whoever found that one!)


    A year ago I was at 508!!! I only started fixing my credit about four months ago, and I was at around 530 - 540 then! My thanks goes out to everyone here! I'm still a work in progress, but this is definately a nice sign as far as I'm concerned.

    Now, as for EQ and TU... That's another story... Still low - mid 600s...
  2. nightowlky

    nightowlky Well-Known Member

    What did you do to fix it? Could you provide more details for the rest of us? :)

    Oh, btw, congrats!!
  3. rhondak

    rhondak Well-Known Member


    That's great!
  4. NJones

    NJones Well-Known Member

    Just disputed several items that came off, or turned positive, opened about a half dozen new accounts, keeping utilization around 5%...

    The usual basic stuff...

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