7 positives gone 1 day, what 2 do??

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by J. Vick 71, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. J. Vick 71

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    I pulled credit reports alot, everyday to be exact (B). Seven older positives were deleted to make room for (B). I called the CRA and asked WTF? On the phone they say "They can only see what is in front of them now". The person on the phone said "contact the old creditors to get the positive accounts to report again". In one days time 7 older positive accounts were deleted. Is there a better way 2 handle this instead of contacting all 7 to report again? FUNNY all 7 in one day?
  2. Butch

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    This is the area where I'm still having trouble too J Vick.

    In short, your answer is no. I've not been able to get anywhere other than to contact the OC's and ask them to re-report. If the CRA suppressed the TL, (as they have in my case) it won't matter.

    Are these accounts still OPEN? Or long ago closed?

  3. kingfish

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    THe same thing happened to me with equifax...they asked me if I would send a prior copy of my credit report hilighting the TL's that were removed, and they would re-input them. It was taken care of within a week.

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