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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by N'awlins, Feb 27, 2001.

  1. N'awlins

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    My delinquent accounts were charged off in 10/94 through 6/95. From your experience I would like to know if the credit bureau computers delete these accounts automatically or will I have to fight with them? Thanks
  2. kaliban

    kaliban Well-Known Member

    I have had mixed luck as far as the bureaus removing these automatically, but I have never had to 'fight' to have them removed. 7 years going by is a little difficult to dispute. In my experience, a quick letter to the three bureaus has always been successful in easily removing debt that is past the statute.
  3. jshimmer

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    Get a copy of your credit reports so that you can see the dates on which the item(s) are scheduled to be removed. Then just give them a quick phone call on/around that date.

    With each credit report, you've got 60 days or so to dispute an item on it. Otherwise, you'll have to obtain a new report (there's a different confirmation number on each report).

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