8 inquries over the last 2 yea

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Centurion, Sep 9, 2000.

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    I got current copies of my credit report and there are many inquires. Most of them are either the CRA or a periodic or promotional inquiry. According to them, they are not reported to businesses. That leaves about 8 inquires over the last 2 years (7 of them were over the last year). Is this going to be a problem for me? Out of those 7 in the last year most aren't creditors. I had moved so my landlord and my phone company had checked my credit report. I opened a new cheking account so they checked my credit report. In fact only 2 of those 7 inquires in the last year actually involve a creditor of any kind. Is my score going to be lowered just because my phone company and landlord wanted to check my credit report?
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    RE: 8 inquries over the last 2

    I really don't think 8 inquires in 2 years will hurt your score very much at all, I wish mine were that low LOL. But I think they look at the numbers of inquiries in last six months, those are the big factors I think. Luckily I one have ONE inquiry in last six months on all my reports, I am proud of my self. Of course the number before that is another story:)
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    RE: 8 inquries over the last 2

    I think they look at the past 12 months - I received a letter where they mention 'too many inquries in the past 12 months'. I'm on my way to find out how many are they.
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    RE: 8 inquries over the last 2

    Normally it is the last 6 months. Of course some exceptions are bound to pop up!

    the number of acceptable inquiries also very on the type of card your seeking. Amex usually accepts 2 in the last 6 months, a Dept. Store will usually accept 5!
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    RE: 8 inquries over the last 2

    Thank you, Michael. That's very interesting.
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    RE: 8 inquries over the last 2

    Michael advice is good but take heed if a creditor doesn't want you than even a sole 23 month inquiry will be "unacceptable" and used to reject you.

    We've seen any examples of that on these boards.
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    RE: 8 inquries over the last 2

    the FICO scoring model only considers the past 6 months.

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