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    My husband has old credit card debt - year 2000, Providian acct, sold to NCO, sold to RMA, now with PDI.
    PDI threatened to sue and shook him up. So he agreed, to pay the debt. However, could not come up with the money. Then he asked for an extension, they threatened that if he does not wire $ by tomorrow they will sue.
    Live in SC-- think SOL is 3 years
    PDI, in trying to collect debt talked to other family members, without his permission. They also wouldn't validate debt for him. Continued to threatened with suit, harass, hang-ups, argue, etc.
    Any suggestions. We only have until tomorrow afternoon.
    Thanks in Advance
  2. moneyelf

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    Bumping for the vets to take a look and help you.

    But it seems to me that they already have violated law and/or do not have legal proof since they will not verify? Board vets could probably rip into this one easly. May be in your favor that the debt was sold so many times. Good luck :)
  3. lbrown59

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    send the Validation letter to PDI and set tight.If you have already done it.It looks like you have servile violations against them.

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