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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nasus, Nov 7, 2001.

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    I've gathered some helpful information - I think - but I do have some questions if anyone can direct me to the proper place to get the answers. First, a little history. I ran into trouble with debt and made phone calls and sent letters requesting lower percentages but no one would comply so I decided to call American Consumer Credit Counseling. Only one of the creditors agreed to the plan and two agreed to change the due date. As you can image, I started getting late payments asssessed, collection notices and one creditor who claimed they never received money. In checking this creditor's statements, the payments are posted but a few months after the dates they should have gotten them. It took forever to get ahold of ACCC and when I did they told me there was a note to cancel that account. From whom? I never knew a thing so I straightened it out with them and thought it was ok. Apparently not when they kept telling me they needed more money because another creditor declined their offer. It got so bad I sought an attorney and filed bankruptcy. My questions are these: Can a creditor indicate on a credit report that collection attempts were made while I was working with ACCC through the bankruptcy proceeding and even after my discharge? Also, can a creditor indicate different account numbers than those I originally had and reported on my bankruptcy? And by the way not only are two of the creditors indicating different account numbers there are more accounts than I reported, i.e., I had 2 accounts with WFB and on my credit report they indicate 3 and none of the numbers match what I filed bankruptcy on. I tried reporting the errors to experian over the internet - another big mistake. I got no explanation, new stuff was added to my report and nothing was changed. I cannot believe they are allowed to do this and have it affect my life so badly. It has been over a month since I requested my file from ACCC and I still have nothing. Can anyone give me some guidance? I'd appreciate it.
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    Yeah, you got caught in a trap that is little more than a scam. Contact your state's attorney general about this ACCC. Many of these companies are being prosecuted for their activities. A lot of them just take your money, skim some off, and send some to the card company.

    How recent is all this negative activity? Within the past year? Are all the accounts closed? Did you file ch 7 or 13?
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    The obvious answer here is to get even with them.

    Here is how to do it

    Simply demand validation of each and every account with each and every supposed creditor or collection agency. Be sure that none of the numbers that they report were ever included in the bankruptcy.

    Then when the 30 days is up after your validation demand send them an estoppel letter. Wait 15 days and turn the whole mess over to a good attorney who specializes in consumer credit issues.

    Explain to the attorney what has happened and sit back and watch the fur fly and the bucks roll in.

    You will be glad you did that, I am sure. You probably will never have to work another day in your life

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