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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by star, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. star

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    It's not a pretty picture, but I want some advice from you experts on what you would do-(this is Exper)
    Chapter 13 filed in 96-discharged- off on 4/03
    Cap one- charged off- off report 10/04
    CCB- charge off- off report on 4/06
    Direct Merch- charge off- off report on 8/07
    Ist cons- charge off- off report on 6/04
    collection - $84 medical- off report on 4/06
    Providian is reporting twice(one under Gulf state)-off report 1/0medical coll $65- off report on 10/04

    as you see, I messed up and got all those while in my 13, But I have since established two car loans with no lates (one is one year old and 6 months for other) I am tired of this bad credit hell and am serious about getting good credit back, what should be my next step?. I also have a 10 year mortgage which is current. I really screwed up with the good sub prime cards, I dont have one card right now, Life sucks when your credit is bad. One more question, for example it says on my report for Direct merch. charged off high balance 913- written off 913 , what does that mean written off?
  2. sam

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    fcnb secured?
    Call up executive officers for crap 1 and plea for a new card.
  3. Newcomer

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    Written off means the company wrote the account off as a bad debt...i.e. same thing as a charge off. Believe me, there is a way back from credit hell. Don't beat yourself up about it. If it resulted from carelessness, learn from it, vow to yourself not to do it again, and MOVE ON! :) Did you suffer a job loss? Is that why you lost the cards you got while in chapter 13? If you end up having to negotiate with your former creditors, you might want to mention that.

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