A miracle.....

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by leamen, Jun 19, 2000.

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    First, I would like to extend my graditute to all that share such valuable information on this board. I have been a "silent" regular for the past 6 months and the wisdom and advice from Steven Z., Doris K., J. Edgar, CreditRanger and others have literlly changed my life. I have only posted once in the past as I am one to listen much and speak rarely on issues I know little about. I now feel compelled to share a small victory with others won with the knowledge gained from this board. After all, great wars were won from small battles fought with conviction.
    In the months past, I have aquired 3 sub- prime credit cards to add positive trade lines to my credit report. I entered into these agreements with an arsenal of information gathered from posts to this board. I also entered with my eyes wide open to the various money-making tactics of most sub-prime lenders. I keep seperate files for all three cards and all correspondance including notes taken during phone conversations are kept along with all cancelled checks. I also make copies and have one file with all copies in a seperate file box in case I loose the original files.
    I have recently found that sending everything certified mail return reciept requested isn't as "overbaord" as I first thought.
    On Saturday I recieved a memo from Direct Merchants Bank stating that I was over- the-limit and needed to send $140 to keep in line. I always make payments of $100 or more and have never been within $50 of my limit. I had a problem with a payment the month before being late due to waiting 21 days to post to my account. Thank God for the "return reciepts" I always request.
    Long story short, with much patience, all my documentation, insincere empathy with the over-worked and under-paid reps; not to mention 2 companies, 5 reps and 2 supervisors later, I recieved a fax confirming that they would credit my account a total $218 within 2-3 business days. I have yet to hit the 3rd business day and I am not holding my breath. BUT, I do have a signed document saying as such. We'll see...
    My contribution to this board is now one of personal expierience. I look forward as I gather more wisdom to give back all that I have taken from those willing to share in discussions that are so personal most won't speak openly with freiends and family.

    In conclusion, please document everything, and spend the extra $1.10 for the reciept of delivery. It will save you hundreds of dollars and give you a sense of empowerment when you wage war (and you will) against the credit card companies.
    God Bless,
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    CONGRATS leamen it's nice to hear good news on this board. Good news doesn't happen here very often. This board has helped me tremendously in my fight to take back my credit. And I'm winning slowly but surely,
    I was told it would be a long fight but that I could win with patience (something I have little of). Good Luck in the future and your advice about return receipts is very good
    advice to everyone, all the regulars have said how important it is and your proof that
    they were correct.
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    Congrats on the victory, and keep those positive stories coming (for those of us whom are still fighting the fight and have yet to see the quantitative results) :>)
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    I was very pleased to read your account of dealing with Direct Merchants. It just goes to show that good preparation is well worth the effort.

    It's especially important in these days of computers, information technology, databases, and the inevitable malfunctions or screw-ups inherent in their use, to keep good documentation of everything. It is even more important when dealing with less-than-reputable firms who hide behind the smokescreen of 'computer error' or 'It was the Post Office's fault' to have the proper documentation ir order to counteract their calculated maneuvers to squeeze more money out of you. Those extra fees for late payments and being over the limit are pure profit for the card issuer.

    You had better believe that it's a conscious, calculated effort on their parts to do so, as evidenced by Providian's admission that their late payment scam was cause by a 'computer error'. Who programmed the computer to do that? You can be damn sure that software was tested over and over to make sure that Providian wasn't going to come out on the short end of the stick. Think about that the next time you hear a befuddled CSR come up with some off-the-wall 'computer error' explanation.
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    CCB is well known for having computer errors,
    that take an act of congress to fix. So keeping records is good advice as you and J.Edgar so clearly state.
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    I do not know how to notify others, but-heads up with the following:

    First Premier Bank-do not all into the trap
    of $119.00 acceptance card fee, which I did.

    Thanks for listening-
    Diane White
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    Diane White,
    What happened with First Premeir Bank and your acceptance fee? True, it seems alittle high but they are the ONLY company I don't have to fight with each month(knock on wood).
    They credit my payments the day they recieve them and it only takes 2 or 3 days to get them after they are mailed. They also don't call 4 times a day to sell you crap you don't need. I'm very pleased with their service so far. However, nothing in the sub-prime lending business seems to amaze me so please share your story so others will have all info needed to make their decisions.
    God Bless,
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    A miracle.....
    leamen | N/A posts since Not Yet | 06.19.2000 @ 13:39

    In conclusion, please document everything, and spend the extra
    $1.10 for the reciept of delivery.

    LB 59


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