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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Candi, Jul 26, 2001.

  1. Candi

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    How do you send certified/return receipt mail? OK I am assuming, you go into the post office and tell them you want to mail it this way. How much does it cost? Anyway, they deliver the mail and make sure it is signed for. Is this right, and how to you get a copy of what they signed?
    I know it sounds dumb but I've never done it.
    Big thanks,
  2. NanaC

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    There is a small green card that you will fill out..one side is the address you are sending it to, the other side is your address. They'll attach it to the mail and when they deliver it, get signature from the receiver and mail it back to you (using the side with your address). Cost depends on weight but a little less than $4 for standard.

    The form is a PS Form 3811. They are usually available before you go up to the clerk so you can fill it in. Then just go up and tell him/her what you want to do, certified mail, return receipt!

  3. Candi

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  4. dlo64

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    You can send certified/returned receipt to a P.O. Box too, can't you? I though I read that here somewhere and I need to send something out tomorrow.
  5. Marie

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    your post office will help you before you send it. Just tell them you want them to check it for you.
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  7. Tuit

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    Re: not a really dumb question

    dlo64 yes you can send certified mail to P.O. Box
  8. lbrown59

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    Yes you can but it could take longer depending on when and how often mail is picked up at the post office box number:


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