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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Tracy, Apr 8, 2001.

  1. Tracy

    Tracy Guest

    I have a few very old credit card accounts that date back to almost when my reports began at age 18. These older accounts are not mine yetâ?¦Iâ??ve become an authorized user on two of them. I plan to become a co-borrower on the 3rd account as well and had an ideaâ?¦my friend who owns the accounts, doesnâ??t care to have them anymoreâ?¦he only keeps them for me. I have very good credit but I thought why not add more Not enough old 4 years plus, credit card history). Iâ??m wondering if the banks would be willing to let me take over the account as the sole borrower after they approved me as the co-borrower. Has anyone ever done something like this over time?
  2. mt

    mt Guest

    I would doubt it. But you could ask.... most agreements that I am familiar with state that the card is not transferable.

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