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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by TxMommy, Mar 27, 2001.

  1. TxMommy

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    I went to research signing up for Junum today and filled out all of the information to start their services. After entering my credit card info/personal info and about to hit send I read the "agreement". It stated that I may initially be charged the $14.95 enrollment fee, $14.95 for 1st month and $10 per report for all 3 reports. The first hit on my credit card would be $60.00 based on this info. Is that accurate in your experience? Also, I just paid money for a 3 in 1 merged credit report from Confidential Credit Services. Would I be able to supply them with that report so as not to have to pay for the information again?

    Thanks for your reply! I am so ready to get on down the road to "Prime".

  2. LKH

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    I signed up just before they started the $14.95 special, but I was only charged for the first month upon signup. As far as your reports go, I doubt they will accept the merged report. They want originals. You can get them online and send them those but they must come from the source. In other words they won't accept a report from worthknowing or a similar place.
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    Since I'm in CO, I was able to send them my one per year free reports..and they only charged me the initial fee. I would call them and ask about that report and see if it is o.k.

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