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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Been there, Jun 14, 2000.

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    Contact your United States Senator (they have a website and usually a place to click called 'case work'). You will be able to get an online address to mail a complaint and you will have to sign a routine waiver of your privacy rights so that your Senator has full and complete access to any records in your name at the Department of Education concerning this situation. While the Senator him/herself is unlikely to see your complaint a staff worker will be in charge of handling it until you as a voter are satisfied. A Senator is a very powerful person and if some dummy at Citibank refuses your reasonable request to delete the information even after the involvement of a Senator's office, believe me they will be sorry - sooner or later.
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    RE: About Rehab and Citibank,

    Ok..I'll bite.

    Why would (or should) your senator care about your credit file?
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    RE: About Rehab and Citibank,

    Listen, a US Senator may not have legal authority to force any institution to do something. But they have plenty of political authority and influence that you need to make work for you. Politicians are a special breed of person, they get high exerting power and the smaller and seemingly incidental their requests the greater the resentment and pique if that request is not fulfilled. There are well paid staffers who have plenty of time on their hands to mess with the folks at Citibank. Usually the Congressional letterhead is enough to do the trick and get results. I got my Senator involved in my dispute with USA Funds and I mountains moved. The whole student loan industry is a big racket and fraud on the American public and these banks don't want their cover blown away. Use your Senator because that what he or she is there for.
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    Look, I just read the previous posts. The one by Carreon and associations is excellent and actually cites the law in regards to this issue. Believe me, go STRAIGHT to your Senator and they will speed your complaint thru the Department of Education and get this @!#$ taken care of. Don't let Citibank @!#$ around with you. Don't dignify them with any further contact. Also tell your Senator you want her to forward your complaint to the Comptroller of the Currency so that they can investigate how many others Citibank is fucking in egregious violation of DULY ESTABLISHED LAW. Don't forget how Citibank was investigated by Congress for laundering drug money. They need to get their ass whipped.

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    RE: Go STRAIGHT to your SENATO

    I don't know much about loans so I can't advise you about that. But what most people don't know about the drug laundering charge is that it was actually done by banco mexico. citibank bought them out several months after they where caught for money laundering.
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    RE: About Rehab and Citibank,

    I'm sure it is strictly case by case, but I've had my US Senator involved with the IRS before. They screwed aroudn with me for about 6 months...after I wrote my senator, about 2 weeks later I got the nicest call you ever heard from the IRS asking just how they could be of service to me. The problem was settled immediately.
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    RE: About Rehab and Citibank,

    I've found both my congressman and senator are pretty responsive to the problems of their constituents, especially if it's something easily solved and clear cut. They may appear to be bozos on Capitol Hill, but they seem to value the individual back home (and that vote!)

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