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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jamee25, Sep 6, 2001.

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    I called and asked if my acct was going to be upgraded to the visa, the girl I spoke to was quite rude. She says that "not all accts are being upgraded, just a very select few, and that I have to UNDERSTAND that not everyone will qualify, and that it takes a lot more to qualify for a visa card than a retail card, and it all depends on my credit score...blah blah..." I hung up with her feeling quite stupid to say the least. I didnt ask for a lecture or tone.
    I was only asking if my acct was flagged, nothing more.

    A little history with me, Ive had my acct open since 1996, 1000.00 credit line. I had a bankruptcy two years ago, but I had a zero bal on my Target card at the timev so it wasnt included. They kept my acct open.
    My score is 609 Equifax. I hope my acct is upgraded to the visa, but from her tone, it looked like she was seeing my previous bankruptcy, so with her tone, I doubt I'll be getting it!

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