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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by missy b, Sep 19, 2000.

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    One of the credit cards on my report is the Ace Visa. I inadvertantly got ripped off 2 years ago by them when they called me on the phone and took me through the "application" process. I ended up with a credit card from United Credit National Bank with a 400 limit---essentially, a secured limit because there was no credit on the card when I got it. (I.E. I owed them 400 for the educational bs they sent me!) They sent me some books and videos with the card for "credit education", which I sent back. I got one bill from them for a few consecutive months, and disputed it. Over the phone, of course. (I had just turned 18) I didn't hear from them again. I guess I thought it was "over" :( Now they've reported me. My acocunt isn't in collections, though, so what gives?

    The item listed on my report says they closed my "revolving account" with them. I never paid them once, and I never COULD use the card. My big mistake was not sending the cardback, not disputing with certified letters, etc.

    However, I never signed a contract of any kind. I was processed over the phone when THEY called me.

    Should I write to them or dispute the information on my report? They really can't have "proof" of the debt if I never used the card, can they? Can I ask them for a copy of the contract? I know for sure, 100% that they never sent me a contract. What should I do?
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    Why not send letters of complaint to the Beter Business Bureau, and also Visa International for letting such crooks use their brand name.

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