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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Irish Eyes, Nov 20, 2000.

  1. Irish Eyes

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    Does anyone out there have experience with this card? Thank You
  2. newcomer2

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    Irish Eyes .
    I've Got an Action Card They Aren't all That bad if your starting your credit Journey from scratch ! They charge a real hefty fee (one time application of 150 I think and the annual isn;t that low either . on the other hand they have very good customer service . and I think they bumped up my limit by 100 after 4 months . They definatly suck on interest rate . I would recommed DMB or Providian they are much better for starting out your credit profile .
    Good luck
  3. Irish Eyes

    Irish Eyes Guest

    Hi, Newcomer 2, Thank you for answering my post, I had Providian and I sent back the new card because I had so many negative things on the Internet about them..... Who was that other company you typed in? Thank You again.
  4. S.D.

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    I was hesitant about Providian , too. But I sent in my $49 processing fee and should be getting my card in about a week or so. They're suppose to be better now. They went to court in July or something, I believe for unfair practices? Search through the older posts for more info on Providian. Hope this helps!
  5. samantha

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    I have their card. I dont like thir customer service at all. I did a payment over the phone with them one time.When I did the payment I told the representative I wanted it to be for 50.00. The representative did the payment for 80.00 which overdrew my checking account. Because of the represntatives error I got a 29.00 overdraft fee from my bank and a 29.00 bad check fee from action card. when i called to complain about this they wouldnt do anything to help me and called me a liar. I finally had to go to the better business bureau to get the matter resolved.
  6. TK

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    I've had Providian for a couple of years now, and haven't had any problems with my accounts. They even lowered my interest rate and waived my annual fee earlier this year. I've always had great customer service with them as well.

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