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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by marc04, Nov 21, 2001.

  1. marc04

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    I have credit information( 2 credit card accounts that are only reporting to Experian and Equifax) and would like them to show up on my Trans Union report--will help with my ratios. How do I go about this with Trans Union? Do I list what credit cards are not showing up on my credit reports and provide account numbers? Will they contact the creditors to validate the accounts and add them to my credit reports? Do I include copies of my Experian and Equifax reports to Trans Union? Thanks!!!
  2. bbauer

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    OH LORDY NO! Don't ever do that. I don't have any experience with your type of problem, but I sure know better than to go giving out info in the way you seem to be thinking about. What I'd suggest that you do is contact the creditors who are not reporting and see if they won't do it for you. They can be real cooperative if you go at it right.

    Beyond that, I can't give you any other ideas. I just don't fiddle with the credit bureaus enough to know the answers to some of the questions people ask. I always let the creditors and the collection agencies do that kind of thing for me. If I can get them to do anything at all, that is.

    It's getting kind of funny sometimes though. Lots of times they just throw up their hands and return the debt to the creditor and say they don't want to collect the debt and they are sorry if they caused any problems. Just got word this morning that OSI just sent a debt back to Sprint because they were so sorry they had caused any problems.

    Real funny how they get remorse so fast. Maybe it's their way of saying "Have a happy Thanksgiving"

  3. ohnostuck

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    They will add them for "a fee". I dont know what the fee is though. Also, they will not be updated because your card company does not report to Transunion.

    Or, contact the creditor like Bill said and ask them if they do report to transunion. What his other info had to do with POSTIVE lines of credit, I have no idea. I would not send them a copy of your credit report with another bureau, it is none of their business what is on your other reports.
  4. roni

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    They will not add information anymore even if you offer to pay. The creditor has to subscribe to each of the cras and submit your information in a monthly update. Sorry, but you're SOL!..
  5. marc04

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    Thanks for the replies!!

    QUEEN_BEE Well-Known Member

    Absolutely, Bkev. I tried to add a trade line that was not showing on any report. I got all kinds of feedback from the CRAs as to why they 'could not' add the trade line to my file. Check this out:

    EX: Consumer-added info is of little value because it will never be updated.

    EQ: Equifax only reports credit info received from reorting members

    TU: It's TU's policy to only add info received directly from reporting members

    A bunch of crap...
  7. raiderpam

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    Yes but what if it was a good account they deleated in the first place !
  8. bbauer

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    Seems to me like Bkev just answered your question very eloquently about 2 posts or so up:
    If he don't think so then I am quite sure he will correct.

    If he does,That's fine too.

    QUEEN_BEE Well-Known Member

    Its one thing when they are not reporting an account that they have NEVER reported, but to delete an account that they have been reporting? There has to be something that she can do about that.

    What if the account was with a company that is no longer in business? What would be her recourse?
  10. bbauer

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  11. Saar

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    Re: Adding credit info to credit re

    It is possible to have an account that was previously deleted from TU, re-added. I've done that over the phone. You'd probably need to contact TU several times, and ask for a supervisor.

    Have no experience in this with the other bureaus.

  12. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Which cra? I've talked with supervisors at TU to get it reinserted and the Consumer Relations department at Equ. Never had the problem with Exp.
  13. G. Fisher

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