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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by supershawn, Oct 16, 2001.

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    As I have said before I have been getting pretty good results with getting my accounts added to my reports. So far I have been able to get my mortgage (loan was bought, new owner was not reporting) and two car loans added.

    I have asked each of the lenders to send me copies of the statements/forms with each CRA. I used these to compare the date requested to the date the line was added.

    So far,

    - TransUnion reported the trades within 30 days.
    - Experian took closer to 45 days.
    - Equifax took almost 60 days.

    As far as 'points', a $155,000.00 mortgage, 149k balance, reported two years on time added 8 points to my score.

    An auto loan, 22k reported on time for two years, added 2 points to my score. 15k Balance. This car is being paid off next week (refi- my ex gf and I were joint- she is refi to get in her name only). I will let you know how that affects my score.

    The other auto loan, 10k, 3yr loan paid off in 1.5yrs, added 4 points to my score.

    Nice to know getting two inquiries removed equals a mtg........ hmmmmph.

    Hope this might help someone....


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