Addresses for Credit Bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JoshuaHeckathorn, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. JoshuaHeckathorn

    JoshuaHeckathorn Administrator

    Addresses for the 3 major credit reporting agencies have been posted numerous times throughout the forum, but many members have requested that we keep track of them in one spot. That's a great suggestion, so here they are:

    P.O. Box 9556
    Allen, TX 75013

    P.O. Box 740241
    Atlanta, GA 30374

    P.O. Box 2000
    Chester, PA 19022

    This information can obviously change often, so please respond to this thread with an update if you have one. Let's do our best to keep this as current as possible!
  2. SnickerMe

    SnickerMe Active Member

    Are all of these addresses current as of now? The reason I ask, I just checked Experian and this is what they have.
    P O Bx 9701
    Allen TX 75013
  3. JoshuaHeckathorn

    JoshuaHeckathorn Administrator

    They have numerous addresses, so it's possible that this one is valid for disputes too. Where did you find it?
  4. Ifixcredit

    Ifixcredit Member

    look for the 4Th big one:

    Innovis Data
  5. vanmower

    vanmower Member

    PO Box 2002
    Allen, TX 75013

    (I used the 9556 one listed and it was returned to me with a red stamp from USPS. This one worked.)
  6. Kameleon

    Kameleon Well-Known Member

    When i requested my Experian report they couldn't verify with questions that don't apply to me.
    I got a letter back requesting identification from:

    PO Box 9701
    Allen, TX 75013
  7. Kameleon

    Kameleon Well-Known Member

    Equifax now has disputes to be mailed to:

    Equifax Information Services, LLC
    PO Box 740256
    Atlanta, GA 30374

    -source (EQ dispute website)
  8. New Member

    Here are some additional contact resources that may be helpful.

    Equifax Telephone Number: 800-685-1111

    Transunion Telephone Number: 877-322-8228.

    Experian Telephone Number: 888 397 3742
  9. Credit-Ed.

    Credit-Ed. Member

    These are the current addresses that you would send dispute info to:

    P.O. Box 9701
    Allen, TX 75013

    P.O. Box 740241
    Atlanta, GA 30374

    P.O. Box 2000
    Chester, PA 19022
  10. Bbiendayer

    Bbiendayer Member

    There are so many replies but my question is same as that of one member above, which one is valid for the disputes too?
  11. xdarata

    xdarata New Member

    To know our credit score, we should visit the FICO. It is more important than credit scores from three Bureaus. Why?
    Most lenders use credit score from FICO to determine what a person loan is granted or not. Generally it is based on the credit score of FICO.
  12. Shaquelle

    Shaquelle New Member

    Ok what should I do then
  13. acidhaus

    acidhaus New Member

    Wow, they sure do change their PO. Boxes at a high rate. It's only September 5-6 months later since the last update on here, and the PO. Boxes have changed again?! I just mailed out my dispute letter to these addresses:
    Equifax Dispute Address:

    Equifax â?? PO Box 740241 â?? Atlanta, GA 30374

    Experian Dispute Address:

    Experian â?? PO Box 4500 â?? Allen, TX 75013

    Transunion Dispute Address:

    Transunion â?? PO Box 1000 â?? Chester, PA 19016

    I found these addresses listed at this blog:

    Sneakily, Transunion's official website still lists PO Box 2000 as their customer solutions address, but don't be fooled. That PO Box does not even exist! Just went to USPS an hour ago to send my dispute letters, and USPS confirmed that PO Box 2000 DOES NOT EXIST. Luckily I had made TWO different Transunion letters/addresses just in case. The other PO Box 1000, USPS confirmed does exist. So that's where my Transunion letter is going.

    Now I'll just have to wait and see if the Transunion letter gets returned or if it actually goes through. These credit report companies and their dishonest disgusting business practice! Beware Consumers!
  14. JoshuaHeckathorn

    JoshuaHeckathorn Administrator

    Hey acidhaus- So did you find that all 3 of these addresses for the credit bureaus were good? Or did you get any of your letters returned? I hope you'll come back and give us an update! Thanks much!

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