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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Saar, Jun 23, 2000.

  1. Saar

    Saar Banned

    New to the credit world, I applied for a Capital One secured visa, and got it in the mail ($99 deposited/$500 limit).

    1.5 months of activity, asked for the standard increase to $600, granted.

    Applied on line for a second Capital One card, this time unsecured. As expected, denied: too short credit history. Called to speak with a rep. She said: Keep on for another 3 months with us, and then re-apply for an unsecured card. You'll get it if you're ok and without too many inquiries on your report.

    Reading some of the messages here I see I shouldn't hold my breathe...

    Anyone got his unsecured visa from them that soon?

  2. joe

    joe Well-Known Member

    i am also a capital one cardholder. started with them about 8 mos ago applied for a mastercard. put up 199 deposit for a $200 limit. after 4 months applied for a visa card. granted $500 limit with a $99 deposit. after having the master card i asked for an increase. they gave me $100 increase which gave me a $300 limit. on the visa after 4 months asked them for an increased and it was raised the other day to $600.00. also rec'd an upgrade offer in the mail for the master card for gold card upgrade and $100 limit increase so now i have their gold and my limit is $400 on it and $600 on the visa. applied online for a dolphin visa card unsecured. approved for a 200.00 limit unsecured. so i have 3 cards with them. limits of 600, 400, and another 200. so i have 900 unsecured credit with them. i think they are okay but they usually only give $100 increase at a time. am told that my unsecured visa will be ready for an increase automatic after 3 months. so they seem to be pretty good considering my credit. i have old old chargeoffs and some collection items. hope this helps
  3. Stormie

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    thats great. I have a Gold Capital one visa too with a high limit. They seem to give out increases readily. And they are really good about reviewing accounts ontime. I know alot of people who have capital one accounts. And everyone has good things to say about them. If you continue to make your monthly payments on time , paying more then the minimum payment helps too, you will get better increases. They also may choose to review your credit report from time to time so it's important to maintain all of your other accounts as well.

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