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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by geekpipe, Mar 4, 2001.

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    Hello all,
    Hoping for some help on this one. I had 2 outstanding accounts that went to Arrow Financial. One of these went as far as a lay firm putting a judgement against me. I settled this. Now Arrow wants the other one paid (about 600.00). When I look at my credit reports I see that the judgement is still shown as just filed (not paid/settled) and also the collection account is still shown as open. I spoke to Jose at Arrow and I asked for the open account to be deleted and also something shown for the judgement. He said he would have them send out something. I do not trust them. Here are my questions:

    1. How can I get something in writing so that I can send it to the credit agencies? Is this even possible or do they have to do this direct?

    2. What should I do about the other $600 debt. The credit report says account opened nov 1994 and last activity 5/95. Shoudl i wait or maybe pay it off if they agree to delete it?

    3. Can they delete the ORIGINAL Account which is shown on the credit report?

    Any help would be appreciated as to what you might dop. The point is to get as much off my report as possible. I dont mind paying the full $600 but I want both the original and collection account deleted? Can they do that or only the original creditor?

  2. geekpipe

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    Wow thanks so much!! I did have some questions.

    Can I do anything about the judgement/collection account/original account on the first debt I settled on? I received a letter from them to send to the cra's saying settled in full which I know is not good. Can I do anything here? At this point i would not mind paying money to have them all wiped. Can I negotiate this? Is this wise?

    Who do I send this letter you show above to..the cra's or the collection agency?

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    I think....

    You should dispute the accounts immediately with the credit bureaus. Arrow financial did not respond to my disputes last year and I got them deleted by equifax and transunion by this process. Experian held on the the account for some reason claiming they verified it. I paid the debt and then disputed it and it was deleted shortly after. My debt was due to drop off in 2001 and I wish I had just waited it out. But I paid to get it off because I was doing a car purchase at the time.

    ARrow lied to me on my deal. I didnot get it in writing, but the things they said to me afterwards, proved to me that they could not be trusted. They said that they never Truly agree to delete accounts. I would really believe anything JOSE says. My rep was a out and out liar.

    LIzardking is 100 correct. But I would spend 30days disputing it first, and then proceed with the above.

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    Re: I think....

    Re: advice needed
    Author: lizardking (
    Date: 03-04-01 15:51

    You should not even be dealing with a collection agency. File a letter requesting validation of the debt.============
    validation letters

    Reply To Message= Why should one have to send a request for Validation when such validation should be included in the demand for payment?

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