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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Concerned, May 9, 2001.

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    Well, as I expected my last round through Lex produced nothing on my accounts. I am going to handle it myself now.

    This is the situation. Discover charged off a card of mine back in 93. I began paying it off. Somehow it got set back to a current status and was recharged off again in 95 because my payments were sporatic at best (I thought it was charged off so I was just doing the best I could.) I finally paid it off in 2000. So, what does my report say? Only "Paid Charge-Off as of 8/2000" with no date of charge-off anywhere.

    I have both reports with the date of charge-off clearly stated (both 93 and 95 dates). I have called Discover who refuses to fax anything but snail mails me letters saying thank you for your final payment the CRAs will be notified that the debt is paid. I have asked them for Payment History and I never get it. I have seen my merged report and the 2000 date is being used.

    Anyone who pulls TU generally denies me credit. Exp and Eq are no problem b/c the date is correct. So I get rejection letters saying Recent Delinquency is always the first thing listed. So my dilemma is twofold, how are they going to delete something in 7 years if they don't seem to have a record of the date of the charge-off AND the recent date is killing my scores.

    Should I try PlanetFeedBack or small claims? How would I even begin to prove damages? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.

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