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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bunni, Nov 13, 2000.

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    I would like to lessen the negative report of my student loans reported to Experian. The loans were paid off by the government due to total disability. But they still show up in the negative part of the report. On the balance it just says NA/ which means the loans have been paid. But I know that some people do not know how to interpret Experian report thinking that I still owe thousands of dollars in loans and I get turned down for credit. The other credit bureaus have either taken it off my record or have the status as closed. But the status at Experian is Status. transferred/insurance claim filed. Deferred payment date unknown. If the NA/ means it was paid off. Why would there be a payment date. I have tried to talk to Experian about changing some of the wording but I don't think it did any good. I would like to take out the "payment date unknown". Put in "insurance claim paid". It still will be in the negative column but at least not as damaging. Any suggestions?
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    I would dispute it as paid, and see what happens.

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