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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sm691, Aug 31, 2001.

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    Hello everyone!! Thanks to everyone here, we are at the end of our "credit cleansing" process for my husband, and there are two debts that keep verifying. I want to pay these in exchange for deletion OR changing to a positive tradeline. Any experience you have with them would be GREATLY appreciated!!

    DISCOVER FINANCIAL -- past due balance is $2252, Date of last activity is 1/96. He was sued in county court in 10/96 but we have been able to get that removed from all three bureaus...and we don't want to deal with the attorney (they have made no efforts to collect in the last 4 years anyway). I know the SOL is almost up on this one, so I was thinking about offering $1000 plus deletion to settle.

    WFNNB - VICTORIAS SECRET (yes I was his ex-wife's!!) -- Pesky balance is only $282, he thinks his ex signed his name to the application...because he does not remember signing anything. DLA was ??, it was 180 past due in 6-1999. I am a gold card holder with VS (yes, they do have clothes too!!) and would like to offer to pay full balance for well as letting them keep my account. IF they are not agreeable, I will close it.

    What do you think?? I have read the letter in the new forum, but none seem to do the trick. I would like to have them verify first, and then if they can, I will offer to settle. If they cannot verify...POOF they are gone...

    THANKS again for all of you help!!

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    Bump. Someone here could help w/ Discover.

    As for Victoria's Secret, is this being collected by a collection agency or the creditor? I personally wouldn't mention your account. Send a validation letter (Search this area, there have been many excellent ones posted on this board) for him. If you think his ex is behind this, and you did not make any of these purchases, the ex may be liable for fraud. But definitely start w/ a validation letter, return receipt, and don't call anyone-write! Get them to document everything.

    What about discover, anyone?
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    Discover, eh? Well, I had one that was remaining from a BK13...and it was a 96 account...I disputed as outdated and it was removed...have you tried that?

    I got a sense that this year, Discover closed the books on their 96 accounts and aren't verifying...I also found that the CRA's don't really verify with Discover and you have to really bug to get them to do it..but if they do, it disappears!

    That was, at least, my experience! Good luck!
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    NanaC, your signatures always make me laugh!! Either Discover is being pesky, or the CRA's are telling us they are verifying and actually are not (surprise, surprise). We have gotten it deleted off 1 of the three, but the other two have "verified" 3-5 times. I tried requesting HOW they verified (on EXPN I think) and they just started a new blasted investigation...and verified again. Any suggestions??

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    Shanna: Glad you like them! Unfortuantely, I am still working on this darn problem. I have messed around with the wording on my disputes and that seems to wording it as "this account is obsolete" worked on one. I'm beginning to think changing dispute wording is a big help in getting something actually considered.

    I'm also going to use Marie's BK statement...for instance, one cra is showing an account as incl in chapter 7. Well, I never had a chapter I'm gonna dispute on the accuracy issue:

    "I never had an account with XXX included in chapter 7 ..blah blah...

    What the heck? I'll let you know how it goes!

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