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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Hal, Aug 27, 2001.

  1. Hal

    Hal Well-Known Member

    I have a debt showing on my credit profile from AT&T wireless for an account that is not mine.

    What is odd, is two years after this debt was charged off ($67.00 total) I opened an AT&T wireless account which I now have and is current.

    I wrote AT&T requesting info on this account with a validation letter - the only response was (Paraphrased) "This is your name and SSN so obviously this is your account. We will continue to report it and if you pay us will update to read paid charge off."

    I disputed on Experian and this is the result after two disputes:


    PO BOX 8758
    PORTLAND, OR 97207

    Account Number:


    Status Details:

    This item was verified and updated on 8-2001.

    Date Opened:

    Reported Since:

    Date of Status:
    Monthly Payment:

    Last Reported:

    Credit Limit/Original Amount:

    High Balance:

    Recent Balance:

    Recent Payment:

    What confuses me with Experian is the "NO STATUS" - if they are verifying the status of the account how can the verification be NO STATUS???

    What is even more odd is Transunion indicates the account is paid in full with a zero balance; Equifax does not list it at all.

    Any suggestions???
  2. marci

    marci Well-Known Member

    I'd sue AT&T Wireless for false reporting/defamation of character...
  3. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Sure, Hal.

    Although AT&T is an original creditor and not subject to FDCPA, they are a regulated entity in your state. So that does leave an additional door open.

    You can call or send a letter to your state's Public Utility Regualtory agency (or whatever they are called in your state) and state that you want to file a complaint against AT&T based on the fact that they violated Federal law by refusing to provide full and complete information about a supposed indebtedness which they claim you owe and which you plan to dispute but cannot do so without having them verify the items and amounts on your bill as they are supposed to do when it is requested of them.

    They will probably send you a form which you will have to fill out and file with the agency.
    Don't use any fancy language here at all. Play the role of the "least sophisticated consumer" and see if you can bluff your way through it.

    What can happen is that the regulating agency will not be likely to stop and think about the fact that AT&T is an original creditor and not subject to FDCPA and anyway you didn't mention FDCPA. You just said Federal law. You stand a fair chance that the agency will just see the unreasonableness of what AT&T is doing to you and send them a demand to go ahead and send you the information. AT&T may not stop and think about it either and just comply with your demand rather than get into a fight with the regulatory agency over such a small and insignificant thing as you request.

    You are bluffing all the way of course, so it's an excellent example of the kinds of ways that I sometimes use to pull these "bluffs" that I'm now so famous for around these parts.

    And the neat part about it if you win is that AT&T tried to put on it's "CHEEP SUIT" and "RUMBLE" around with you and prove to you that they could "WASTE" you and your silly little demands but you ended up winner anyway.

    If that don't work, which it may or may not, there are other things that can usually be done as well.

    Whole point is, nothing ventured, nothing gained and they sure can't hang you for trying. After all, you are nothing but an unsophisticated consumer, right?
  4. Hal

    Hal Well-Known Member

    Thanks Bill. I appreciate it.

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