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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by kbelle72, Aug 23, 2001.

  1. kbelle72

    kbelle72 Well-Known Member

    Well, I have a clean Experian report as of yesterday. It was finished about a week and a half before the deadline. The other two CRA's are still in dispute and haven't updated yet (they're behind Experian to begin with). My question is should I call experian and find out who they validated with? I thought it might be helpful if I run into problems with Equifax or Transunion. Any advice?
  2. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Nahhh Wont shouldn't supply the CRAs with any info anyway. Congratulations on Experian.

    -Peace, Dave
  3. kbelle72

    kbelle72 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dave....that's kind o what I thought.

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