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    hey everyone me and my husband are trying to buy a home and have a few things to clean up off our credit.... i have started by sending validation letters to collection agency... one thing i want to know is how do you dispute your inquiries that are on your credit... i had a car repo and this collection agency is always pulling a credit check on me.. how can i stop them from doing that and how do i dispute the inquiries??? can anyone give advise????
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    Good question.

    But to answer it we need to know if there is still a balance owed on the account, or is it completely paid? Tell us as much as you can without giving account numbers and personal info, and we'll see if we can help. Approx. how much might you owe? What state are you in now, and at the time of the contract? And, when was the last time you paid on it?

    If you owe, they can pull your report. But that doesn't mean all hope is lost. It may be wise to deal with the account first and the inq's later.

    If you owe nothing, then they do not have PP. You can "extract" up to $1,000 for each violation. I've already been paid, as have many here on the board.

    Let us know.


    OH - Welcome aboard.
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    I'd be interested to know who your potential mortgage lender is, and if they will approve you even with the repo (paid or not) on your credit.

    My wife and I will want to obtain a construction loan/mortgage in the next couple years and are wondering just how particular potential lenders will be.
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    hey butch here is the info you requested to be able to advise... okay i stopped paying in june of 1998... it was chrged off for $3000.00... but then sold to this collection agencey called calvery investments.. they have on my credit now that a balance of $6400.00 is owed... it appears on my credit report like 4 times from this one agency... in order for me to purchase my home i was told by my credit counselor who is helping me and my husband that is must come off in order for us to get loan approval!!!! i have snt them a validation ltr today to see what might come of that... another friend of mine told me to do that first and then try to dispute through the credit bureau... is this the right course of action i should be taken??? i live and purchased the car in ohio...
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    hey ron..sorry i forgot to address your question in the last posting.. this is what i was told by my credit counselor... me and my husbands credit score is 500.. he told us that we must be at a 580 in order to get apporoved for a loan with no down payment through dominion homes which is who we are tying to purchase through... he stated that the repo must come off in order for us to be approved... dominion will be the initial lender i am not for sure who they wil end up selling the morgage to once we have approval... i was told that dominion sells the mortage after the first year... i hope this info helps you and your wife with your purchase....

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