AEA Card - Is it for real?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by James, Apr 1, 2000.

  1. James

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    Can anybody tell me anything more about the AEA card? Has anybody here actually got one?

    I have completed the application form and faxed it back, but a couple of things about it worry me.

    On the application form (which is headed ASIA-EUROPE-AMERICAS BANK)there are no telephone numbers at all.

    When I called the international directory (I'm in the UK) they gave me a number for the AEA Bank and another one for the Internet Credit Network (the company which you are supposed to fax the forms back to, and the hosts of this website)

    When I called the I.C.N. they didnt seem to think that they had anything to do with issuing cards, but they suggested that the AEA Bank might know the details.

    I called the AEA Bank but they didnt know anything (and I mean nothing) about any type of secured card, nor did they know who the I.C.N. were.

    Now mabey I'm being paranoid, and mabey I was unlucky enough to speak to two people in completely the wrong departments of these companies, but it worries me that if I did have one of these cards and there was a problem with my bill or something it would be this difficult to contact a real person to discuss it.

    The other things that worry me about the whole thing are that I cant imagine how they would get a bill to me every month in time for me to pay it, and lastly (and most disturbingly) that the application form states that there is a non- refundable $275.00 application fee.

    If anyone has any ideas or experience with this bank I would be very grateful.

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    <b>RE: AEA Card - Is it for re


    You raise some excellent questions, thank you for bringing them up.

    The AEA International is a cooperative effort between Internet Credit Network Inc. (ICN) and Asia-Europe-Americas Bank (AEA). Both parties have worked hard to make this program a reality. According to the agreement Creditnet, an ICN subsidiary, is to be the exclusive distributor of the credit card, and therefore the first line of communication. This is why all applications and email inquiries come to Creditnet. Note that Creditnet does NOT issue the credit card, it merely markets it.

    It is not surprising you should have reached an ICN representative unfamiliar with the AEA program. ICN operates several online businesses and is not always familiar with the day-to-day operations of its subsidiaries. Since the AEA International premiered on March 15, it is also a very new program and may therefore help explain why the AEA representative you reached did not know who we are. We agree that a phone number should be included in the application, and will make the recommendation accordingly. We thought it unlikely that applicants would want to place calls overseas, but in hindsight it seems like a careless omission.

    We hope this helps demistify the AEA International program. If you have any further questions or comments, please drop us a line at To learn more about Asia-Europe-Americas Bank please visit their website at:

    The AEA International Team

  3. Joanne

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    I too have come across the advert for AEA Bank and had some concerns about sending off such a large fee to them. Especially as they seem to be the only provider of secured cards to any country. I don't know of anybody who has actually applied to them. Did you apply in the end? If so what happened? I have recently come across a site called caledonian express who claim to be able to obtain credit cards etc for UK residents have you heard of them?
  4. dave mathe

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    hi, I got a phone no for aea bank and phoned them direct, they do offer a usa bank account for uk residents but the cost is a security deposit of around £1500.00 for a mastercard account, have all the paperwork for the account e-mail me if you want maore info, cheers dave

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