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    I saw the AFCA Commercial on TV and applied for the card in January 00. It is now April 2000, and i still have not received a card. I have called the UMB Bank numerous times, to only be told that they are going through an audit and that they no longer carry AFCA. The second time that i contacted UMB Bank they told me that I was not in there system and that there was no record of me. I then inturn called AFCA who stated that i was in there system and that a refund was sent out a week ago. Since this time, i have contacted the Better Business Bureau in Colorado the home of the AFCA headquarters. Their website is They say that they will contact the headquarters and have an answer back within 4 weeks. Please keep me posted on a class action suit, for I would like to take part.

    Thanks Daniel
  2. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    I finally received my processing fee back from AFCA. Some of you other members should be receivings yours soon. Even though, they still owe me the $60 membership fee. I wonder how long this will take!! Reminder STAY AWAY FROM AFCA!!

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