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    For those of you who have an AFCA account beware!! I recently filed a complaint with the Better Business Burea in Colorado on the banks failure to stand by its promises. Today I received a response from the Better Business Bureau and AFCA.
    The following letter was written by an AFCA associate:

    I received the complaint letter detailing Daniel Crumby's inquiry regarding his refund from the American Fair Credit Association.


    Although I do not remember Daniel coming into the AFCA in Colorado Springs, I am inclined to believe that he is due a refund. Unfortunately, I am no longer affiliated with AFCA due to closure by the Federal Office of the Currency Comptroller. All AFCA offices nationwide were closed down because the President of the AFCA has a dispute with UCNB (United Credit Nations Bank) asking for more money to continue the program for this bank. UCNB filed a complaint with the OCC (Office of Currency Comptroller) and all contracts were suspended.

    Daniel needs to call 1-800-450-2322 and ask fro Brad Gray. He is on the Board of Directors, to press the issue.

    I am sorry for his inconvenience. If you require more information or needs assistance, contact me anytime.

    Charles D'Alessio
    (719)660-5223 cell

    This was a letter that was sent to me via the better business bureau in Colorado. All personnel involved in AFCA, beware that their offices are closed. You might want to contact Brad Gray to square away your accounts before this becomes another Cross Country Bank.

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    Tell me why you fillied with the BBB? I have an AFCE Account, and they are full of lies!!!

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