Affirming my tactics-need guru appr

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by 3dayevntr, Aug 27, 2003.

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    I have sent out 4 disputes to CAs, Received green cards back, Now it is time to dispute same accounts with CRA's. Correct? Watch the calender and stay organized with letters ready in case they are ignored. I should not correspond at all with collection agencies until 30 days has passed as this will allow them to take an extra 15 days. Once and if they validate , I need to ask for proof of validation & methods used.

    Do I have all of this right. I don't want to make mistakes so I am hoping to hear from one ofthe experienced members.

    Love ya guys!
    Woman on a mission!
  2. cashback

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    Not contacting them for 30 days gives them 15 extra days? What extra days is this for?
  3. 3dayevntr

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    No, If I contact them within the 30 original days, they can add another 15 days from the date that they were re-contacted within the 30 days. I believe this is true, but I could be very wrong. It gives them 15 more days to "reinvestigate: what ever you sent after the original letter.

    Please correct me if I am wrong as I definitely don't want to be the source of bad information.
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  5. 3dayevntr

    3dayevntr Well-Known Member

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    I think your mixing apples and oranges here LOL!

    1. Yes, dispute the same account with the CRA's.
    2. Correct, you should not correspond with collection agencies for 30 days. Then move on to the next validation letter. Allowing them an extra 15 days is a tactic in the FCRA that is used by CRA's. Read up on 611. It has nothing to do with collection agencies.

    3. CRAs do not validate they verify. Yes, if the CA verifies to the CRA then you need to send a procedures request.
  7. 3dayevntr

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    Thanks for the help. I need it!

    I did have a CRA (EQ) verify,so they say anyway, a debt that is due to fall off 1/2004 perthe7 year clock. Should I send them a procedure request? I doubt they have any signature or contract, I know I never signed one and I highly doubt they were provided with any amount of verification from the OC.

    I disputed as not mine.

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    Re: Re: Affirming my tactics-need guru appr

    3day. You might want to look at the INTRO threads. You are still not straight on CA's and CRA's :)

    The CRA will not have nor do they have a responsibility to have contracts, signatures, etc. on the accounts they report.

    Verification from a CA can merely amount to "Yep its in our records".

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